Diary of Anne frank play summary/Anne Frank and her family

Anne Frank’s diary: summary

Published in 1947 , The Diary of Anne Frank collects the experiences of Anne Frank during the years 1942 and 1944, the time she spent in hiding from the Nazis with her German family of Jewish origin in the city of Amsterdam. It is an autobiographical story, written in his own handwriting. In a PROFESSOR it seems to us a great way to know first-hand the events that occurred during the Second World War, so for you to begin to locate yourself more in this diary we have prepared a lesson with a summary of. Diary of Anne frank play summary

A short story about Anne Frank and her family

Before starting with the summary of The Diary of Anne Frank it is important that we briefly know the story of its protagonist and his family. Anne Frank, the author, was born in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) in 1929 with her parents and her sister, Margot, who is three years older. In Germany, things gradually got worse, there was little work and a lot of poverty. The dictator Adolf Hitler was gaining more and more followers and thus also increasing hatred of Jews such as the Anne Frank family. Given this situation, Otto, An a’s father , decides that everyone should move to start a new life. They move and the father opens a business dedicated to the trade of pectin, a substance that is used to prepare jam.

Time passes and Ana learns to adapt: she finds herself more and more at ease with the language, makes new friends and goes to school. Otto adds to his business the sale of spices and herbs since at first they do not seem to be doing all that well financially, and thanks to this, their income increases.

On September 1, 1939 , when Ana is only 10 years old, Nazi Germany invades Poland and World War II begins. Little by little, in 1940, Hitler also invaded the Netherlands. The occupiers begin to introduce different regulations and laws that make life increasingly difficult for Jews in the country. Among other issues, culture is forbidden for them. They cannot go out to the movies, to the shops or to the park. Ana’s father begins to lose control of the company: Jews can no longer be owners and Ana must start going to a school only for Jewish children. Diary of Anne frank play summary

In this way, little by little, the Nazis advance more and more. Regulations do not stop increasing for Jews until a day comes when Ana’s sister, Margot, receives a German notification promising her work. His parents distrust and decide, immediately, to hide. In 1942 , Ana’s father had started to build a hiding place for what could happen in the back of his company house, so with the help of some friends, the family hides and later welcomes four more people. In this way, Anne Frank’s family tries to survive in hiding. Diary of Anne frank play summary

Anne Frank’s diary: short summary Diary of Anne frank play summary

We begin the summary of The Diary of Anne Frank . For her birthday, Ana receives a diary as a gift. In it, in the time they spend in hiding, she begins to write everything that happens to her and her family as well as her thoughts. In addition, she had always wanted to be a writer, so she begins to write short stories and a novel as well as quotes that she copies from the books she reads. In this way, writing becomes Ana’s main ally.

In the first place, Ana narrates the changes that the Nazi Germans were introducing in the country for the Jews, feeling more and more alone and scared. He feels that his family does not complement his absence of friends and his happy past, he talks a lot about his mother , whom he does not quite understand and with whom he does not quite get along. Ana continues to read and learn languages, her writing improves more and more and begins to describe the people around her (8 in total, hiding in the house) as well as the situations that occurred. He describes holiday cheer and fear of thieves as well as constant quarrels with his mother and another of the inhabitants: Dussel , who she considers treats him like a girl.

At the beginning of 1944 , Ana begins to discover love and sexuality and approaches Peter Van Daan, another boy who lives with them, in search of a friendship but beginning to fall in love. All these thoughts related to love are also manifested in your diary. The two begin to have more and more complicity and retire to the attic to talk together and get to know each other better. After a while and with more complicity, Ana understands that Peter has a weak character and that what she really feels is just a friendship. Diary of Anne frank play summary

End of diary and continuation of the life of Anne Frank and her family

Ana continues to write until the end of 1944: on August 4, Nazi officials discover the family and arrest them. The reason for the police raid is not known for certain, but Ana is taken to prison in Amsterdam and later deported to Auschwitz. Luckily, someone manages to save Ana’s diaries and they are not confiscated.

Upon reaching the concentration camp, after a horrible selection of valid people to work or sick and weak who do not serve, Ana is sent to the concentration camp for women with her sister and mother. Otto is sent to a men’s camp. At the beginning of November, Ana was transferred to another concentration camp with her sister: Bergen – Belsen. The conditions in this place are terrible and both Ana and her sister contract typhoid fever. In 1945, both died. Diary of Anne frank play summary

Of the whole family, only Otto survives the war. He is freed by the Russians in the Auschwitz concentration camp and manages to return to the Netherlands where he finds his daughter’s diary and decides, in honor of her and her desire to be a writer, to finally publish it on June 25, 1947.

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