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English Literature Test 4

Welcome to your English Literature Test 4

Rhymes created out of words with similar but not identical sounds. In most of these instances, either the vowel segments are different while the consonants are identical, or vice versa
The final statement spoken by a character before his death.
The speech of an individual
Poetry that commonly has striking imagery, which sometimes stems from new contemporary scientific and geographic discoveries, witty conceits, the contrast of the physical and the philosophical and a high impression of mortality. There is also flexibility in the meter and rhythm adopted.
A phrase or expression that has a figurative meaning
A recently coined term which refers to the modern phenomena of writing that has been produced, often by governments and professionals, that is not intended for publication through usual sources
From the Greek for imitate. It refers to the reproducing of the words of another person, in order to show their character
Any theme, idea, argument, action or story which is contained within a literary text
The final resolution of a plot, especially in drama or narrative
The period of time which covers from 1558-1603. Shakespeare wrote his early works

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