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Welcome to your English Literature Test 7

A Renaissance genre of drama, where the plot revolves around the protagonist’s attempt to avenge a previous wrong, by killing the perpetrator of the deed. There is usually much bloodshed and violence
Any work that is not written in a regular meter like poetry
The placing side by side of phrases or clauses while omitting conjunctions. A famous example of this in English is "I came, I saw, I conquered."
An illustrated (or illuminated) manuscript thought to date from the fifteenth century of Chaucer's, The Canterbury Tales.
Words or ideas which have an extra layer of meaning, distinctive to the literal one
A call or request for inspiration usually at the beginning of works from the Greek or Roman tradition
A primitive used in literature to illustrate the simplicity found in being removed from civilization
A brief narrative illustrating human tendencies through the depiction of animal characters, often feature talking animals or animated objects as the principal characters. The interaction of these animals or objects exposes truths about human nature
This is a narrative technique where there is a principal story, around which there are other narratives to set the scene or interest the audience/reader
Introduction or creation of a new word or phrase

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