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An epenthesis  also: lute insertion, sound activation ) is the addition of a word to a linguistic tone to facilitate pronunciation (without etymological motivation). epenthesis are found only in morphologically complex expressions. In some cases, they also help avoid hiatuses . In addition to articulatory and sonic reasons, such sound insertions can also be made in the poem for metrical reasons. As a word-changing rhetorical figure , epenthesis belongs to the group of metaplasms . Epenthesis examples

It is called epenthesis to a linguistic phenomenon that is extending a word by inserting a phoneme. This is a linguistic phenomenon that is considered part of the evolution of language and is listed as a diction figure that is called epenthetic. This may consist of an aggregate as in the word: 

Where the vowel e is called the anaptictic vowel , producing the so-called anaptixis , which is what the introduction of these vowels in a word is called. 

t has no clear etymological origin and the use of the epithesis has been cataloged by some linguists as a barbarism. Epenthesis examples

The epithesis has received other names such as: 

  • Parapraxis
  • Diastole
  • Infixation
  • Anaptixis or anaptic vowel and ectasis. Epenthesis examples

Examples of epithesis: Epenthesis examples

  1. Airport instead of airport.
  2. Wear instead of spending.
  3. Arrange instead of gathering.
  4. Agora instead of now (it is also archaism).
  5. Coffee instead of coffee.
  6. You went instead you went. 
  7. You did instead of you did.
  8. You ate instead of ate.
  9. You spoke instead of spoke. Epenthesis examples
  10. Scanner instead of scanner.
  11. Sweets instead of sweets.
  12. Arrejúntensen instead of get together.
  13. Dientist instead of dentist.
  14. Ruinous instead of ruinous.
  15. Embarrassing instead of shameful.
  16. Whispering instead of whispering.
  17. Come instead of come.
  18. Asleep instead of asleep.
  19. Yoíto instead of me.
  20. Sleep instead of sleeper. Epenthesis examples

Yoíto instead of me.

Sleep instead of sleeper.

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