Fuhrer meaning/Adolf Hitler’s Title/death of Adolf Hitler

Führer , also spelled Fuehrer , is a German word meaning “leader” or “guide”. Fuhrer meaning

The term became known after being used by Adolf Hitler to define his role as a total authority in Germany’s Third Reich (1933-1945).

Before the term was claimed by Hitler, the word was also used as a military title for commanders who lacked the qualifications to hold permanent command.

As there is a strong connotation between this term and Nazi Germany, the führer is no longer used in a political context, but can be combined with other words to mean “guide”. For example, a mountain guide would be called a Bergführer , with ” berg ” meaning “mountain”. Fuhrer meaning

Führer as Adolf Hitler’s Title

Hitler required the word Führer as a unique name for himself and began using it when he became president of the Nazi Party in 1934.

It was not uncommon to call the leaders of a party a führer , but usually the word had an addition to indicate which party the leader belonged to.

In adopting it as a unique title, Hitler was inspired by the Austrian extremist politician Georg Von Schonerer (1842 – 1921), who also used the term and whose followers also made use of the Sieg Heil salute, “Hail the victory!” in German.

The term “ Heil Hitler! ” (“Hail Hitler!”) became legally binding as a common salute, as was the Hitler salute with the right arm thrust forward with the palm facing down. Fuhrer meaning

Within the political organization, the Führer stood at the apex of a hierarchy. Directly below him were several Reichsleiter ( Reich leaders ) with responsibilities such as finance, propaganda, foreign policy and the right, as well as the politician Heinrich Himmler , head of the Gestapo and the second man in the Nazi hierarchy.

After the passage of the “Granting Full Powers Act of 1933”, which gave Hitler full power, the dictator suppressed the office of then German President Paul von Hindenburg and became his successor.

This violated the Granting of Full Powers Act itself and Hitler did not use the title as “president”. He called himself ” Führer and Chancellor of the Reich ” ( Chancellor is the title given to the head of the German Executive Branch).

He would use the title in combination with other political leaders, for the positions he took, for example ” German Führer ” or ” Führer and Supreme Commander of the ArmyFuhrer meaning

The death of Adolf Hitler

After an apparent loss in the war and persecution unleashed by France, the United States and the United Kingdom, Adolf Hitler married Eva Braun and committed suicide with a pistol shot to the head on April 30, 1945.

Eva also committed suicide the same day, by taking a cyanide capsule.

As the bodies were not found, many stories circulated in this regard. One of them said that the corpses were recovered years later. Others claimed that Hitler had fled, etc.

The bodies of Hitler and Eva were cremated in the Chancellery garden by the bunker survivors (as per their own orders).

A German court finally officially declared Hitler dead only in 1956. Fuhrer meaning

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