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Attracting technology talent , in times of extremely high demand for offers in this area, is certainly a challenging task for many companies. The IT market is increasingly competitive, as the market for services and products related to digital transformation is at an accelerated pace. How to attract tech talent? 

The Human Resources department, in this sense, has the important responsibility of adapting the company’s organizational culture to a reality in which innovation is present on a daily basis. In addition to offering contact with the main technological trends, it is essential to provide continuous learning opportunities , possibilities for hybrid work and all kinds of benefits that attract these professionals.

Based on this context, we prepared this post so that you can learn about the best strategies to attract and retain technology talent. To learn more about the subject, continue reading the article!

Offer the possibility of hybrid work and different advantages for the position

If there was one lesson the corporate world learned from the Covid-19 pandemic, it was that telecommuting is not the “seven- brained bug” that people thought. In fact, this work format is highly viable for everyone involved, as it fosters productivity without demanding high infrastructure costs. How to attract tech talent? 

Functions and activities in the company that can be performed by technology talent, for example, make room for this type of hiring, which is a strong competitive advantage when it comes to attracting these professionals.

So don’t hesitate to offer flexibility in your hiring practices. When announcing job openings for tech talent, make it clear that the company is “open-minded” enough to support hybrid or remote work. Without a doubt, these announcements will arouse the interest of up-and-coming professionals in the IT market.

Provide learning and development opportunities

The era of digital transformation has brought to modern society a multitude of benefits that facilitate personal and professional life. However, if we stop updating for even a day, we could be left behind. In the context of hiring technology talent, to get the attention of these professionals, it is very important that the organization provides opportunities for learning and continuous development.

Providing periodic training, fostering their hard and soft skills, and also offering positions in which they can learn new things every day are excellent measures to retain technology talent in the company.

Make a nice offer letter

One of the advantages of modern companies and the labor market being inserted in a digitalized culture is the fact that, nowadays, the great variety of communication channels offers infinite possibilities to reduce the barriers between employers and professionals.

Let’s say the company has found a candidate, on LinkedIn , who fits perfectly with the profile of a job being offered, and he seems to be interested. There’s no reason for HR to wait. Just send a nice offer letter to increase the chances that this professional will join the organization’s technology talent team. How to attract tech talent? 

For this, it is important that this letter clearly defines all the conditions and characteristics of the vacancy, such as salaries, benefits already defined, functions, rights and duties. Furthermore, an offer letter with an elegant visual identity and design demonstrates that the company is enthusiastic and careful when selecting its candidates, which can be a competitive advantage in the way it will receive the proposal.

Establish your presence and that of your employer brand in the technology scene

In the age of digitized information, having an impactful presence in the virtual environment is not a mere whim, but a strategy to become relevant in the environment in which technology talents spend a significant part of their time.

This means that the company must invest in content production and Digital Marketing actions to consolidate itself online, such as the production of specific content about its niche, participation in digital events, in addition to advertising on social media.

Bet on behavioral mapping

It is nothing new that there are already tools to make HR more strategic , such as software that makes it possible to map candidates’ behavior. With the help of this type of technology, managers find it easier to compare the behavioral trends of each professional and whether they are aligned with the organization’s expectations.

Expose talent to the most advanced technologies

As already mentioned, the market in the age of digital transformation works at a speed that many people find it difficult to keep up with, which is not the case for technology talent. How to attract tech talent? 

These professionals are marked, among other characteristics, by their thirst for technological innovation. Exposing them to the latest trends in software and hardware , as well as methodologies and KPIs, for example, is a great attraction and retention strategy .

Attract diversity with diverse leaders

Finally, a trend (if you can call it that) that is on the rise in the labor market is diversity in companies . Professionals active at this time in which society is present give priority to organizations whose hiring policies are comprehensive and inclusive for people of all ethnicities, genders, ideologies, ages and other aspects that make them unique. How to attract tech talent? 

Technology talents, in this sense, as they are naturally individuals who have a progressive way of thinking, tend to be professionals who value diversity and equality in the work environments in which they wish to work.

As you can see, attracting and retaining technology talent is an increasingly challenging task — given that the market is in a strong digital transformation process —, which has required companies to invest in technology, continuous learning and adaptation policies from organizational culture to the new scenario. We also show a series of practical tips on how to awaken the interest of these professionals and keep them included in the organization’s team.

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