How to present an idea to a company/share ideas within the organization

With automation increasingly present in the HR area , there is much more time for the sector to work on strategies and actions focused on the development of the company’s human capital. Thus, it is possible to transform the organization into a place where the best talents want to work . But do you, as an HR member, know how to sell an idea to your leadership? How to present an idea to a company?

In a world where data intelligence is revolutionizing the way we deal with everything around us, more than having good ideas, it is necessary to use solid information to sell them and also present it clearly to your managers and leaders. 

Thus, you will be strategic and efficient when presenting your convictions and, also, you will show yourself as a professional who is attuned to market trends. To help with this task, we have prepared this post, with some tips on how to sell a good idea within your company. So, keep watching!

How important is it to share ideas within the organization?

Business success and encouragement to share and execute new ideas go hand in hand. This is because, in a globalized and increasingly competitive market, the creation of new products, services, processes and strategies has been shown to be a great differential in providing a competitive advantage between companies. 

Therefore, when you not only share an idea, but also look for ways to sell it within the organization, you are not only contributing to your own professional growth, but also to that of the company as a whole.

In addition, when you share knowledge and ideas, you also encourage other co-workers to present and share their thoughts with your leadership. Thus, the team becomes more connected and engaged in contributing to new improvements to the organizational environment.

How can HR sell an idea within the company?

A good HR professional knows that technology has added to human development within small and large companies. Therefore, it is essential to know how to demonstrate that good people management motivates Human Resources to seek knowledge to help the organization in its hiring and decision-making. 

But it is not always easy to apply, for example, digital HR within the company, especially if it has a more traditional organizational culture. With that in mind, we’ve prepared some tips to make your managers believe in your ideas and invest in your work! How to present an idea to a company?

Present solid data

When you present compelling data about your idea, you demonstrate authority on the subject. And in this task, an HR software tends to be your main ally. Through data intelligence, it is possible to prove to your manager that HR can be more strategic, gathering information at the time of recruitment and selection. 

Thus, it is possible to hire, direct and develop talents who identify with the company’s culture , improving motivation, engagement, organizational climate, in addition to many other advantages. 

In addition, it is necessary to demonstrate that, through a management platform with mapping of behavioral profiles, it is possible to recognize and compare the skills of high and low performance professionals in the company, facilitating the identification of leaders.

Finally, be sure to show in practice that an HR software also has the main metrics that a manager needs to monitor. In this way, managers and leaders can identify the company’s current levels of productivity and turnover, even converting it into financial capital.

Focus on the benefits your idea offers

When selling your ideas, it is important to emphasize that HR software with a behavioral profile goes far beyond helping with the administrative routines of a Human Resources department. 

This is because it has many other advantages, such as identifying the professional who best fits a given position, as well as reacting to certain scenarios – in addition to providing a better understanding of the team, as the tool helps in understanding the ideal profiles for each sector. 

With this data, your company will demonstrate that it always puts its human capital first, providing a healthy organizational climate. Therefore, emphasize with your manager that this strategy is one of the first steps to cultivate the quality of life of the worker, his professional evolution and, consequently, the growth of the company.

Bring market trends to the table

The constant advancement of technology allows commercial, financial and business transactions to be carried out through numerous online strategies , which reduces costs, facilitates processes and even projects an image of modernization for the business. How to present an idea to a company?

After all, the millennial generation, which represents those born between the 1980s and the beginning of the 2000s, is strongly impacted by the advancement of the internet and, as a consequence, by virtual consumption. 

Thus, these professionals do not want to have to adapt to the corporate environment. The new professional in the market believes that companies must adapt to their work style. Therefore, for this generation, it is important that technology is related to the organization’s processes.

So, present ideas such as: online training, better known as e-learning, allowing learning and qualification in a more dynamic and interactive way. Also, be sure to introduce employer branding , a concept that is a strong trend in the current job market. 

It is a set of techniques with the objective of creating a positive image of the organization in the market. This idea can be fostered by feeding the company’s social networks with videos about the organizational environment, testimonials from employees and articles about the environment — organization of a talent fair and workshops for the external public, where outsiders will have the opportunity to meet and dialogue with the organization. All these are strategies that show the company’s differential in the market. 

Give an effective presentation

Delivering a good HR presentation can seem like a challenge to the human resources professional. That’s because, this is the definitive time to sell your ideas to managers and leaders. 

First, it’s important to keep in mind that a good presentation has to be dynamic. Understand that the use of text-filled slides is no longer usual. So, master the subject and put only solid data and performance indicators in the presentation content. How to present an idea to a company?

Also, analyze which indicators are most related to the objectives of your idea and emphasize its benefits and what results it will bring to the business. Also focus on these main topics:

  • organize the content;
  • know your audience;
  • be simple;
  • follow a logical order;
  • review your presentation;
  • rehearse.

As for the look, the company will not always have a graphic design professional to prepare the power point. In that case, try to opt for a cleaner design that is more pleasant to look at. Today, there are also several software with ready-made and free templates that can help with this task. How to present an idea to a company?

Now you know how to sell an idea within your company

Following these tips will make it easier for HR to know how to sell an idea within the company. With the human resources sector becoming more and more strategic within organizations, it will not be a problem to demonstrate how people management will provide development for employees and also for the business.

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