Infinity symbol definition/Infinity Symbol Tattoo

The infinity symbol, also known as the Lying Eight , represents the concept of what eternity would be like, as something that has neither a beginning nor an end . Infinity symbol definition

The current symbol used to refer to infinity – Laying Eight – receives this name because it has the shape of the number eight in a horizontal position.

When observing its shape, it is noticed that the infinity symbol does not have a starting or ending point , as the dashes are in continuous connection.

This is exactly the broadest definition of what infinity is: something that has no limits or an end.

The infinity symbol is used primarily in mathematical studies to refer to the infinite sequences of results that an equation can obtain. Infinity symbol definition

From a religious and mystical point of view, the symbol of the infinite can be interpreted as the joining of the physical with the spiritual, in an eternal movement of birth and death.

The origin of the creation of the infinity symbol is uncertain, but it is believed that the current model was based on Ouroboros, a snake from Greek mythology that was depicted devouring its own tail. Thus, it was difficult to define its beginning and end.

For the Greeks, Ouroboros symbolized the reflection of the idea of ​​repetition, that is, that there are always things being recreated in the universe, eternally.

To mysticism, this symbol is also known as the lemniscate .

Infinity Symbol Tattoo

According to the popular, religious and mystical meaning that is attributed to this symbol, as a representation of the sacred, divinity, love, evolution and physical-spiritual balance, the symbol of infinity is widely adopted as a tattoo by many people around the world. around the world. Infinity symbol definition

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