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A-positions are also known as
A sequence that is a constituent sub-constituent can be found from rearrangements that give rise to correctly formed sentences
The "set of words that expresses a judgment with complete meaning and syntactic autonomy
Grammar consists of a classificatory terminology for the elements that intervene in grammar and for each specific language it formulates a series of specific rules
The assignment of a prepositional or morphosyntactic marking to an element of the sentence according to the thematic role or sentence task it plays in verbal preaching
A word, or sequence of words, that works together as a unit within the hierarchical structure of a sentence
A process of the syntax by which a syntactic constituent appears inserted in a position different from its natural position, that is, the position where it would appear as a syntactic complement of a nucleus that required it by the projection principle
The grammatical pre - scientific approach used in education and second language teaching
1- Position stands for argument position. It is a position in the phrase marker occupied by an argument

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