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A thought that, by pointing to a certain attribute, separates from the universe and collects generalizes objects that have this attribute
Type of phrase or group of words whose nucleus is a verb, on which a series depends on plugins and attachments
A predicate that contains a non-copulative verb, unlike the noun predicate
The one to whom or that to which the action of the verb relates directly; in some cases, the direct object is the immediate result of the action described by the verbal saying
A syntactic constituent governed by a transitive verb, usually not required, whose semantics or interpretation designated referent is a receiver, or benefactor goal of action expressed by the verb
Syntactic construction that does not have any element that can be a substitute for all of it
A compound syntactic constituent consisting of a nucleus, which is an indispensable element, and other dispensable elements that complement the nucleus
Construction is formed by a preposition that functions as a syntactic core and assigns a case to the noun phrase or determining phrase that follows it
In various languages, one of the non-finite forms of the verb, that is, a verb form that is not defined by features such as time, mode, number, or person
The non-personal form of the verb that it takes to function as an adjective without completely losing its verbal nature

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