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Linguistic Test 19

Welcome to your Linguistics Test#19

A word that has the same spelling as another
The basic purpose of a speaker in making an utterance. It is a component of illocutionary force
A member of the open class of verbs which form the primary verb vocabulary of a language.
A kind of irony in which the speaker proposes not to speak of a matter, but still somehow reveals it
The root or roots of a word, together with any derivational affixes, to which inflectional affixes are added.
An aspect that expresses the cessation of an event or state
The part of the syllable that precedes the vowel of the syllable
One of two or more grammatical units that enter syntactically or morphologically into a construction at any level
An epistemic mood that signals that the proposition expressed by a speaker’s utterance is offered as an unqualified statement of fact
An epistemic mood that signals that the speaker judges from other facts that the proposition expressed by his utterance is probably true

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