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A collection of senses organized according to lexical category to conceptual extendedness, or to semantic similarity
A verb that is not fully inflected for categories that are marked inflectionally in a language, such as the tense, aspect, modality, number, and person
A tense that refers to a time shortly after the moment of utterance
A distinction in place deixis that indicates location at a distance intermediate between locations considered proximal and distal
A willing mood that signals wishing or hoping
A classification of a sense on the basis of its conceptual extendedness
An honorific for which both the referent and the target of the expression of relative social status are the same.
Words are used to represent things and experiences in the real or imagined world. Different words can be used to describe the same thing or experience
A morphosyntactic operation in which a lexical item denies or inverts the meaning of another lexical item or construction
The member of a set of inflectional affixes which is represented by the absence of an expected morpheme

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