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Welcome to your Linguistics Test 34

A morphological process whereby a bound morpheme is attached to the end of a stem
A verb form that occurs in an independent clause and is fully inflected according to the inflectional categories marked on verbs in the language
An affix that is inserted within a root or stem
A device used in a turn of conversation to indicate that the turn is in some way out of place
An expression that has a deictic usage as its basic usage, though it may also have non deictic usages
Place deixis that has a component of meaning indicative of a border
A relative tense that refers to a time located after a contextually determined temporal reference point, regardless of the latter’s relation to the moment of utterance
Two words that differ in only one sound
A clause that has an adverb-like function in modifying another clause
A contraction relation in which a proposition repeats, in abbreviated form, the information of a group of propositions previously expressed

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