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Identical Illocutionary Forces
Different metaphors occurring in the same utterance, especially the same sentence that are used to express the same concept
The base form of a verb. It is unmarked for inflectional categories such as the aspect, modality, number, person, and tense
Variation in the form of a word, typically by means of an affix, that expresses a grammatical contrast which is obligatory for the stem’s word class in some given grammatical context
The reference of an expression directly to an extralinguistic referent. The referent does not require another expression for its interpretation
A relationship between two illocutionary forces such that when they are employed with the same propositional content, they have the same conditions for nondefective performance. The two forces thus serve the same purpose and have the same components of illocutionary force
An epistemic mood that signals that the speaker evaluates a proposition as counterfactual, but otherwise possible
The reference by means of an expression whose interpretation is relative to the (usually) extralinguistic context of the utterance
An ontological metaphor in which a thing or abstraction is represented as a person
A pronoun that expresses a distinction of person deixis

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