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A morphological process whereby a bound morpheme attaches within a root or stem
An inanimate thing that an agent uses to implement an event. It is the stimulus or immediate physical cause of an event
A question that occurs in the turn after a repairable utterance, and repeats the portion felt by the speaker to need repair.
A combination of a lexical verb and a verbal particle that forms a single semantic and syntactic unit
An interpropositional relation which relates the situations described in the propositions by experiential, extralinguistic reality as opposed to relating them by the solely communicative usage of propositions
A clause with an argument that, in a marking clause elsewhere in the sentence, is signaled as being coreferential or not to the argument of the marking clause
Category based upon how a morpheme combines with other morphemes to form a word.
A vocal effect that extends over more than one sound segment in an utterance, such as pitch, stress, or juncture pattern
An epistemic mood which signals a speaker’s reservation about the accuracy of his or her statement.
A relation of unexpectedness between propositions. Some propositions in the relation are expressed as unexpected considering some other propositions

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