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The degree to which speech is uninterrupted by pauses
In historical linguistics, a procedure for establishing the forms of words and grammatical morphemes in an unattested ancestral language by comparing the forms found in its several daughter languages
The appearance of a particular change in a particular language at a particular time
Either of two or more phonemes which are in free variation in a particular word, such as /i: / and /ai/ in either or /i: / and /e/ in economics
An exchange in the positions of two segments in a word, either as a historical change or as a synchronic rule
Phonemes involve an auditory explosion (‘puff of air’) where the air can be heard passing through the glottis after the release phase
A distinctive feature defined as 'exhibiting a concentration of energy in the upper frequencies of the spectrum', interpreted as representing a non-peripheral
The phenomenon in which two or more phonemes receive identical phonetic realizations in identical environments.
The visible projection of the thyroid cartilage of the larynx at the front of the throat, usually far more prominent in men than in women
Uninterrupted speech by a single individual

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