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A phoneme exhibiting no significant allophonic variation
Systematic variation in the intensity and loudness of a segment (especially a voiced fricative) caused by the opening and closing of the glottis
A set of phonetic vowels used as reference points which do not relate to any specific language
The paradigmatic relation between two or more segments which can occur in the same environment to produce different meanings
The roof of the mouth which can be subdivided into the hard and the soft palate
The set of phonemic contrasts common to all varieties of a language
A systematic modification, expressible in the form of a phonological rule, consciously introduced by a speaker attempting adaptation
A type of language change in which all or most members of a speech community acquire innovations simultaneously or change their frequency of competing forms in step
A consonant is in position (or intervocalic position) when it comes between vowel sounds, as the /t/ in butter
A pure vowel

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