List of roman emperors in order/definition of emperor/end


The word emperor comes from the Latin term imperator . This is how the monarch who is sovereign of an empire or who has other kings as vassals is called . This title is the most dignified and is above the title of king. This makes him the most powerful person in society, if his words are not respected there is a reprimand since he is the highest authority. List of roman emperors in order

For its part, the word empress is the female equivalent and is used to designate the emperor’s wife (empress consort), his mother (empress dowager) or the woman who exercises the monarchy in her own right (reigning empress) , the characteristics of the power of these women are equal to those of the male emperors.

Definition of Emperor

To designate the head of state, government and military force of a set of conquered territories and peoples, the term emperor is used. The Latin verb imperare is translated “command.” Since ancient times , the emperor was defined by power and, especially, by military command capacitythat he owned. These characteristics allowed him to conquer many territories, so that the word emperor began to be used to identify those who ruled vast extensions of territory that together was called the empire. During these centuries, control of the land was synonymous with power and wealth, that is why military action to defend and conquer territories is so important; Through military victories the emperors consolidated their power and increased their prestige.

Roman Emperor List of roman emperors in order

The emperor title used to denote the sovereign who was over kings of territory, was especially used when it was in full swing the Roman Empire  . Although the Roman emperors are best known for being the Roman Empire of utmost importance for the later history of Europe , in other parts of the world other terms were used to designate the supreme heads of these empires. For example, the tsars were the emperors of the Russian empire, the last Russian tsar was Nicholas II, overthrown by the Socialist Revolution in 1917; to the chinese emperorsthey were known as huangdi; and so on. Finally, the Japanese emperor is the only one currently holding a title that when translated is rendered emperor, since May 2019 this position is held by Naruhito.

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Complete list of Roman Emperors

Julio-Claudian dynasty
August27 BC – 14
Tiberius14 – 37
Caligula37 – 41
Claudio41 – 54
Nero54 – 68
Year of the four emperors
Galba68 – 69
Flavian dynasty
Vespasian (last of the 4 emperors)69 – 79
Titus79 – 81
Domitian81 – 96
Antonine dynasty
Nerva96 – 98
Trajan98 – 117
Hadrian117 – 138
Antonio Pio138 – 161
Marcus Aurelius 161 – 180
Lucio Vero161- 169
Avidio Casio175
Comfortable180 – 193
Civil War / Generals-Emperors193
Didius Julian193
Pescennius Niger193 – 194
Clodius Albino193 – 197
Severe Dynasty
Septimius Severus193– 211
Caracalla211– 217
Geta (co-emperor) 211 – 212
Macrine217 – 218
Diadumenian217 – 218
Alexander Severo222– 235
List of roman emperors in order

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Rulers during the crisis of the third century

Maximinus the Thracian235-238
Gordian I238
Gordian II238
Pupieno Maximum238
Gordian III238 –244
Sabinian (declared himself emperor)240
Philip the Arab244 –249
Pacatiano (Roman usurper)248
Jotapiano (Roman usurper)248
Silbanaco (Roman usurper)248
Decius or Trajan Decius249 – 251
Prisco (Roman usurper)249-252
Licinianus (Roman usurper)250
Etruscan Herenian251
Gaul Trebonian251 – 253
Valerian253 – 260
Galieno260 – 268
Other usurpers after Salonino
Macriano the Elder260 – 261
Macriano the Younger260 – 261
Still260 – 261
Musio Emiliano261 – 262?
Gallic Empire260 – 274
Posthumous260 – 269
Leliano (usurper against Posthumous)269
Victorino269 ​​- 271
Domitian (Roman usurper, not to be confused with the emperor)270 – 271
Dark I271 – 274
List of roman emperors in order
Illyrian Emperors
Claudius II268 – 270
Aureliano270 – 275
Claudio Tacitus275-276
Expensive282 – 284
Years 286 – 297
Carausio286 – 293
Alecto293 – 297
Tetrarchy and House of Constantine
Diocletian284 – 305 co-emperor Maximian 286- 305
Constantius I305-306 Co-Emperor Galerius 305-311
Galerius and Severus II306-307
Constantine I the Great306-307
Maximino Daya310-313
Valerio Valente316-317
Constantine II337-340
Constantius II337-361
Constant337 – 350
Magnencio350 – 353
Nepociano (Roman usurper)350
Julian “the Apostate”361 – 363
Jovian363 – 364
List of roman emperors in order
Valentinian dynasty
Valentinian I in the West List of roman emperors in order364 – 375, (Valente in the East 364 – 378)
Flavio Graciano in the West375 – 383
Valentinian II375 – 392
Magno Maximum383 – 388
Theodosian dynasty
Theodosius I in the East379 – 392 (in the West 392 – 395)
Arcadio383 – 395
Honorius393 – 395
Western empire
Honorius395 – 423
Constantius III421
Joannes423 – 425
Valentinian III425 – 455
Petronius Maximus455
Avito455 – 456
Majorian456 – 461
Severe Libyan461 – 465
Antemio467 – 472
Glycerium473 – 474
Julio Nepote475 – 475
Romulus Augustulus – Last Roman Emperor of the West475 – 476
Usurpers during the reign of Honorius
Constantine III407 – 411
Constant II409 – 411
Maximum409 – 411
Prisco Atalo (proclaimed emperor by the Visigoths)409 – 410
Jovino411 – 413
Sebastiano412 – 413

End of the imperial lineage of the Roman Emperor

At the end of the third century and in a process that took several years, the Empire of Rome was divided into East and West, each with its own emperors. Emperadores succession line on the west side is interrupted at the end of the V century, ushering in the Age Media ; the Western Roman Empire was in crisis in the decades prior to its fall, so it was that the invasion of the barbarian peoples meant a mortal blow for the Empire. On the east side, the sequence continued until 1453 falls Constantinople . Being Constantine XI Palaiologos the last emperor, this fact puts an end to the Middle Ages. List of roman emperors in order

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