Misogyny definition/Causes/Misandry/Misanthropy

Misogyny is the revulsion, contempt or hatred towards women . This form of aversion to women is centered on a sexist view, which places women in a subordinate relationship with men. Misogyny definition

The contempt or hatred directed at women is directly related to the violence that is practiced against women.

Misogyny is the main responsible for most of the murders of women, also known as femicide , which is configured as forms of physical and psychological aggression, mutilation, sexual abuse, torture, persecution, among other violence directly or indirectly related to gender. feminine.

Etymologically, the word “misogyny” emerged from the Greek misogynia , meaning the union of the particles miseó , meaning “hate”, and gyné , which translates to “woman”. An individual who practices misogyny is considered a misogynist . Misogyny definition

The antonym of misogyny is known as phylogyny , which is love, affection, appreciation and respect for the female sex.

Causes of Misogyny

Patriarchal culture, centered on the male figure, develops machismo and develops the foundations of male domination. The concept of gender superiority, established by patriarchy over the years, and sexism help to feed the idea of ​​devaluation and prejudice against women.

In contemporary times, even after several achievements, women continue to face numerous challenges and prejudiced barriers that impede gender equity and equality.

Misogyny and Misandry

Misogyny is the extreme feeling of repulsion, contempt and hatred towards women, while misandry is the name given to the feeling of anger or aversion practiced against the male sex . Misogyny definition

Etymologically, the term “misandry” came from the Greek misosandrosia , composed by the junction of the particles misos , which means “hate”, and andros which means “man”.

There is a debate that questions the position of misandry in the face of misogyny, due to the important historical burden that carries the prejudice suffered by women over the centuries. Some people believe that misandry arose as a form of “defense” for women attacked by misogynists.

Misogyny and Misanthropy

Misanthropy is repulsion or aversion to human beings or humanity. At first, this may seem a very shocking definition, but misanthropy is the set of the various types of discrimination and prejudice that exist, such as homophobia, xenophobia and misogyny. Misogyny definition

However, from a general point of view, a misanthrope (one who practices misanthropy) is someone who distrusts or dislikes humanity in general.

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