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Nouns in English Grammar with examples and elaboration

Nouns in English

A noun is a significant part of speech that denotes an object in the broadest sense. Nouns in English Grammar with examples

For example, nouns can mean:



2-Living creatures










7-abstract concepts



kindnessbravery – courage

The structure of English nouns

By morphological composition, nouns can be divided into simple, derivative, and compound.

Simple nouns

consist of one root:

home  – dog– sky Nouns in English Grammar with examples

Derived nouns/derivatives

are composed of a root and one or more morphemes (prefixes or suffixes):

friendshiprichness – teacher

Nouns are characterized by such suffixes as ant / -ent, -dom, -er / -or / -ar, -hood, -ion, -ity, -ment, -ness, -ship .

Compound nouns

consist of at least two roots:

seaman -in-editor chief

Classification of nouns in English

Nouns are divided into proper and common nouns.

1-Proper names

(proper nouns) represent one-of-a-kind items or objects allocated from the general class:

1.1 geographic names, nationalities, and languages

Africathe Greeks – French
1.2 personal names
Peter  – Smith

1.3 names of months and days of the week


1.4 names of celestial bodies

Jupiter – Jupiter-the Sun

1.5 names of ships, hotels, clubs

The Santa Maria

1.6 names of holidays

Halloween – the New Year

1.7 names of buildings, streets, parks, bridges

Hyde Park  – Broadway

1.8 institutions, organizations, printed publications

  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization – North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
  • the Times – Times (newspaper)

2 Common nouns

(common nouns) – this is the general name for all similar items:

girl – table – town – city

3 countable

which can be counted and are plural:

one chair – seven chairs

4 uncountable

which cannot be counted and are not plural:


5 collective

have the form of a singular, but at the same time denote a group of persons or concepts, considered as a whole:

team – family

Some English nouns in different meanings can be both countable and uncountable:

  1. My dad reads a couple of newspapers.
  2. Paper was invented in China.
  3. Just look at those beauties ahead!
  4. Her beauty was stunning.

6 concrete

The names of individual objects and living beings:

chicken – chicken
ticket – ticket
tree – tree

7 abstract

the names of concepts:

problem – idea

Nouns in English Grammar with examples

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