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Sentences with used to examples/affirmative/negative/questions

Sentences with Used to

In this post, you will find all the information that you need to make sentences with used to. Sentences with used to examples

If something used to happen, it happened often or existed in the past but it does not happen now.

  • I used to be lazy
  • I used to run fast
  • She used to be responsible
  • She used to go fishing every weekend
  • We used to play every sunday morning

Now, let’s check out some how to make different type of sentences with used to.

Affirmative Sentences with Used to

The structure to make affirmative sentences with used to is:

PronounUsed toVerb + Details
Iused toplay soccer
Youused toswim in the ocean
Heused toride a bike
Sheused tocreate website
Weused tobake bread

These are some examples of affirmative sentences using used to.

  • I used to be weak
  • I used to be strong
  • She used to be fit
  • She used to be fat
  • He used to be shy
  • He used to be polite
  • We used to drink a lot
  • We used to study harder
  • They used to have a beard
  • They used to have a mustache

Now let’s learn how to make negative sentences used to.

Negative Sentences with Used to

This is the structure to make negative sentences with used to

PronounDidn’t used toVerb + Details
Ididn’t used toplay soccer
Youdidn’t used toswim in the ocean
Hedidn’t used toride a bike
Shedidn’t used tocreate website
Wedidn’t used tobake bread

Check these examples:

  • I didn’t use to read horror books
  • didn’t use to play tennis
  • didn’t use to do exercises
  • You didn’t use to live here
  • You didn’t use to study French
  • You didn’t use to run fast
  • She didn’t use to like Rock
  • She didn’t use to like Romantic music
  • She didn’t use to go out a lot
  • We didn’t use to come here for lunch
  • We didn’t use to talk after breakfast
  • We didn’t use to drink after work

Now let’s check how to make questions with used to

Questions with Used to

The structure to make sentences with used to is the following:

DidPronounUse toVerbComplement
Didyouuseto playsoccer?
Didyouuseto runa lot?

We can make closed questions with used to. Check these examples: Sentences with used to examples

  • Did you use to live in Liberia?
  • Yes but now I live in Santa Cruz
  • Did you use to play soccer?
  • Yes but I have a job now
  • Did you use to program?
  • Yes, but now I work in the bank
  • Did you use to drink alcohol?
  • Yes, but now I don’t
  • Did you use to play video games?
  • Yes and I still do
  • Did you use to be shy?
  • I used to be shy but now I am talkative.
  • Did you use to play among us?
  • Yes, I Did. I used to play with strangers
  • Did she use to dye her hair?
  • Yes, all the time, pink, yellow, green, you name it

These sentences can be answered with a yes or no but you can do more than than if you want to

Wh-Questions with Used to Sentences with used to examples

These are some wh-questions with used to

  • Where did you use to work?
  • I used to work in a SuperMarket
  • What games did you use to play?
  • I used to play among us and Call of Duty
  • What did you use to watch?
  • I used to watch MMA fights
  • Who did you use to date?
  • I used to go out with Karol

Used to: Before and Now Sentences with used to examples

We can make comparison between then and now

  • I used to study English a lot but now I don’t
  • I used to run marathons but now I don’t
  • I used to be strong but now I am weak
  • I used to be a happy person but now I feel sad all the time
  • I used to have long hair but now I prefer short hair
  • I used to have a beard but now I don’t really like that style
  • I used to be shy but I am outgoing now
  • I used to lie a lot but now I don’t do that anymore
  • She used to dye her hair but now she doesn’t do it anymore
  • She used to have a piercing but she doesn’t anymore
  • They used to be fit but now they don’t go to the gym
  • They used to be lazy students but now they are hard -working people

Sentences with Be Used to

Be used to means that something is familiar to you

These are some sentences using be used to.

  • I am used to driving trucks
  • I am used to driving cars
  • I am used to lots of noise
  • He is not used to living here
  • I am not used to giving rides
  • I am not used to working late
  • Are you used to eating quickly?
  • Are you used to Fast Food?
  • Are you used to cooking? Sentences with used to examples

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