Taliban definition/Taliban and Islamic State

Taliban is an Afghan revolutionary nationalist group , known for its extremist and radical stance in favor of the religious laws of Islam . Taliban definition

Their violent acts, which totally violate human rights (especially of women), have caused the Taliban to be classified as a terrorist organization by the European Union, the United States and Russia, as well as by most Western countries.

Etymologically, the word Taliban means “student” in Urdu, a language spoken in Pakistan. Initially, this group emerged among members of religious schools in the border regions between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The development of the Taliban began in 1994 in the Pashtun (dwarf) tribes, who mainly inhabit the eastern and southern regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Taliban definition

However, it was not until 1996 that the Taliban gained sufficient strength to take over the government of Afghanistan.

Taliban rule in Afghanistan ended in 2001, with Western troops invading the region in retaliation for terrorism.

The top Taliban leader was Mohammed Omar, an influential jihadist who was killed in 2013 after leading the group for nearly two decades.

The Taliban regime is also known for its strict laws against people who inflict Sharia (Islamic religious laws). Women are the most affected by the restrictions imposed by the group.

There were several prohibitions on Afghan women during the Taliban regime, such as the right to work outside the home, to be photographed, to go out in public without the company of a family man, and so on.

In addition to all the humiliations they suffered, Taliban women were still required to wear the burqa, a garment that completely covers their body. Taliban definition

Even though they were officially banned from Afghanistan, the Taliban still hold out in the country.

Taliban and Islamic State

One of the main differences between the Taliban and the Islamic State is the areas in which each of these groups operate.

Like al-Qaeda (a terrorist group that was known to be led by Osama bin Laden), the Islamic State directs its attacks to Western countries. Taliban definition

The Taliban, while abhorring the customs and way of life of the West, concentrated their attacks and restrictions only in the regions of Afghanistan, Pakistan and other Middle Eastern countries.

Islamic State terrorists are also considered to be much more radical and bloodthirsty than the Taliban.

Another difference between both groups is the origin of their members. The Taliban is made up mostly of Afghans, while the Islamic State is made up of diverse Muslim extremist Arabs, mainly Sunnis. Taliban definition

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