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The most used slang in English/examples

How well students know English, slang, or what would be said the most informal English, or the one used in the street, is hardly learned in these parts, that is, academically. But of course, the world is very big, and there comes a time when you have to let go of the wheels and start seeing the world yourself. The most used slang in English

What this type of language has, is that all kinds of words are added continuously, making that as time passes or you yourself see that you begin to notice a kind of generation gap (generation gap) you will be late to use those words and That’s when the new generation will consider you a grandfather. The most used slang in English

Today, we will see a few examples of slang that is very common to see and hear in the audiovisual world:

Dig – Used to express that you like something a lot:
Hey, I dig your new t-shirt! / Hey, I love your new shirt!

Ace – Used when saying something is great:
Roblox is ace, try it! / Robloz is great, give it a try!

Aye – another way of saying ‘yes’ (widely used in Scotland):
Can you come tonight? Aye. / Can you come tonight? Yes.

Chuffed – Used to express how excited you are about something:
He was chuffed about the trip. / He was very excited about the trip. The most used slang in English

Bee’s knees – An expression used to say that something is simply wonderful and excellent:
The party here is the bee’s knees! – The party here is wonderful!

Mate – the quintessential slang in the UK, and means ‘colleague’:
What are you up to on Saturday? I’ll hang out with some mates. / What will you do on Friday? I’m going out with some friends.

The fuzz – La poli:
The fuzz took my license. / The police took my license.

Fluke – It is used to say that something pure ‘fluke’ has happened, that it has been so lucky that it is not known how it happened:
I passed the test, but that was a total fluke, he didn’t study! / He passed the exam, but it was pure luck, he didn’t study!

Loony – One of the ones I’ve been listening to the most lately, it means crazy:
She must be loony to say that! / She must be crazy to say that! The most used slang in English

Loaded – rico / a:
That woman is loaded, look at her car. / That woman is rich, look at her car.

Tosh – Another (informal) way of saying that someone does nonsense nonsense:
They were talking tosh when drunk. / They said a lot of nonsense when they were drunk.

Knackered – The slang par excellence when you don’t want to say that you are “exhausted”, and it means precisely that, to be exhausted. The most used slang in English
What a day! I’m knackered, I can’t wait to sleep. / What a day! I’m exhausted, can’t wait to sleep

Gobsmacked – Exaggerate a bit to say that you are very impressed with something:
I am gobsmacked with all the English I’m learning. / I am super impressed with all the English I am learning.

The most used slang in English

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