Transcendence definition/elaboration

Transcendence is what is beyond the material world , it refers to phenomena of a metaphysical nature . It originates from the Latin word ” trancendere “, which means to surpass. Transcendence definition

It is an important concept for philosophy and is at the genesis of reflections on the meaning of the existence of the world and human life , since the philosophers of Ancient Greece.

Transcendence is also a topic of great value and discussion for theology and religions. Achieving transcendence is being in contact with the spiritual world, with the deities – it is the overcoming of the physical limits of the human being.

The search for transcendence

Understanding the meaning of life has always been one of the most important pursuits of human beings. Transcendence has to do with life and death and with the possibility of the existence of something that goes beyond earthly life. Transcendence definition

The human being, in the search for his immortality , looks for explanations for life that go beyond the material reality in which he lives and that he can understand with his senses.

We know that the material world exists because we live in it and experience it with our senses. On the other hand, what belongs to the spiritual and immaterial world cannot be proven scientifically and empirically.

Transcendence would be, then, a way to connect with the divine, the projection of the human being to a spiritual dimension, where the answers to deep human questions can be found.

Religiosity and faith can be one of the ways in which human beings can reach or understand what is of a transcendental nature. In this sense, some religions, according to their doctrine, describe paths for contact with the spiritual world. Transcendence definition

Transcendent X Immanent

Transcendent and immanent are antagonistic concepts that were initially discussed by Plato , a philosopher who lived between 400 and 300 BC, in Ancient Greece.

The antagonism of these concepts refers to material and immaterial reality . Transcendent would be that which is beyond the material state, which belongs to the spiritual world and whose end would be external to itself.

Immanent, in turn, is what represents a material reality. This is the reality that we know and that we can experience and explain using our senses. Transcendence definition

Immanence and transcendence are also related to the conception of God for religions. Some doctrines, such as pantheistic religions , believe that God is immanent , that He is part of everything and therefore cannot be dissociated from the material world.

Other religions, especially those in the Judeo-Christian and Islamic tradition , believe that God is transcendent . He is the creator of everything, including matter, so he is separate from it. Transcendence definition

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