Visual Communication definition/Main types

Visual communication is a way of informing and communicating through visual elements , such as infographics, photographs, videos, presentations, among many others. Visual Communication definition

Every resource or element that reaches us visually , with the aim of conveying information or telling a story , is considered an aspect of visual communication.

Visual communication is essential to help the recipient of the message understand information more easily and quickly.

For example , when you have a job, whether from college, school, or company, and you choose posters, infographics, or any visual presentation. In this case, you use visual communication to convey your information in a more playful way. Visual Communication definition

Visual communication usually uses colors, images, movements, shapes and drawings with effects that help in the understanding of information.

It is important because it can explain more complex concepts in a way that is easier for anyone to understand.

Main types of visual communication

There are different types and ways of conveying information through visual communication. Depending on the information to be conveyed, the type of visual aid used in communication may vary.


An infographic is a set of images , colors , graphics and even text (in small amounts), which provides an overview and summary of information that is usually large.

Infographics use visuals to communicate information quickly and clearly . Therefore, it is a tool widely used in the business environment.

Within the group of infographics, there are also tables and graphs , which, like infographics, can present the same message. However, the difference is that the infographic is something more dynamic, being able to use photography, drawing, statistical diagram, etc. Visual Communication definition

Process Diagram

A process diagram is a visual resource widely used by the business community to represent a series of steps that are significant for a business.

Basically, a diagram is the drawing of a large process, used to facilitate the understanding of something much broader, divided into steps to facilitate the understanding of the whole.

In this type of visual communication, very simple things are used, such as geometric shapes linked to each other and texts summarizing the steps. Visual Communication definition


The map is a visual representation of a region, and serves as a guide, showing how to get to a certain destination.

The map is one of the greatest examples of how humanity uses visual communication to guide, inform and understand.


The presentation is one of the biggest visual resources, used in schools, colleges, companies, among other places. It is used in a way of presenting a work or a project in a playful, dynamic and representative way.

Posters, images, videos and software slides are examples of resources used in a presentation.

Mental map

A mind map, mainly used by students, is a way of organizing thoughts in a random order and structure.

The purpose of the mind map is to visually structure what you have understood about some information or topic, so that you can later study and absorb the most important parts of the topic. Visual Communication definition


Photography is a type of visual communication that is closely linked to feelings and emotions. Most people photograph in a way to save that important moment.

The purpose of photography is to record, inform an event that has occurred or convey a message that can be interpreted in different ways, depending on the experiences, culture and worldview of the viewer.


Videos are the first type of communication that activates two human senses at the same time: sight and hearing.

Video has gained strength in recent times, due to its great efficiency in transmitting a message in a dynamic, fast way and with special effects that call and hold the receiver’s attention. Visual Communication definition

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