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Do you work as an HR consultant, but still struggle to bring tangible results to client companies? Betting on people management focused on soft skills can be the solution for a more strategic performance. In this sense, behavioral management for HR consultants is an important tool for mapping profiles and getting to know each team in an organization in depth.

In this post, we explain better how this strategy can help in each of the processes performed by the HR consultant and how you can implement behavioral management in the companies for which you provide services. Are you interested in the subject? So just keep reading!

What does an HR consultant do?

The consultancy is a service provided by a professional or HR company in order to raise customer needs and indicate improvements. Thus, you have the help of a specialist, who will be able to identify problems and solutions , develop, implement and make viable projects for better people management.

In this case, the HR consultant can act in all the processes of the sector, however, it is more common for the professional to be focused on specific demands. Below, we list some of them.

Recruitment and selection

The HR consultant can be of great help to managers who are not sure how to carry out recruitment and selection processes. Thus, this type of professional has sufficient market knowledge to define the requirements and soft skills needed for each vacancy, carrying out the entire selection process more efficiently.

talent development

Another function performed by the HR consultant is talent development. Here, this professional can help organizations assemble their development plans with a focus on the goals pursued, in addition to assisting in the entire upskilling and reskilling process .

Identification of points for improvement in the organizational climate

A good organizational climate is essential for employees to be able to work with productivity and efficiency. Thus, any noise or crisis in the business environment can directly impact the organization’s results.

In this scenario, the HR consultant can be the right character to identify conflicts and areas for improvement , in addition to creating action plans to ensure a healthier environment that provides quality of life for the team.

Strategic people management

Another important role that can be played by the HR consultant is the strategic management of people, seeking a more evolved human capital that is aligned with the organization’s objectives. Thus, this professional is able to analyze the entire staff and integrate it into the strategic planning of the business .

What is behavioral management?

It is about people management that focuses on behavioral profiles and the way in which individuals react to different everyday situations. This type of mapping allows for a more precise definition of positions, in addition to directly contributing to the efficiency of selection processes. This is because it is possible to search for professionals aligned with the necessary characteristics .

According to the model, there are 4 distinct behavioral profiles , which reflect how each person reacts to stimuli, in addition to showing their strengths and improvement points. Now, let’s better explain each of these profiles.


The analyst profile is characterized by excellence and quality in everything it does. These are people who are very demanding on themselves and, in order to guarantee the highest quality deliveries, they can take longer than others to complete tasks. 

In addition, they enjoy studying and learning new things a lot, however, they tend to withdraw into situations of conflict and stress.


This profile is expansive and makes it easy to work in groups and establish connections. Therefore, they are vain and have some difficulty in receiving negative feedback . However, they are excellent professionals for mentoring and teaching positions, in addition to being able to keep the team motivated and united.

Thus, the point for improvement is up to the organization and focus. But they need to be charged more incisively in terms of deadlines.


Here, we have a calmer and more centered profile , however, he doesn’t like changes or surprises very much and prefers controlled environments. This type of professional does not do very well in dynamic positions and ends up being unproductive and dissatisfied when something interferes with their plans.

On the other hand, they are very empathetic and prefer to assess situations from different perspectives, always looking for solutions that generate less impact on the team and the organization.


Finally, the executive profile is the one who does best in leadership positions . Since they are strong and competitive professionals, they are motivated by challenges, always looking for growth. 

Still, he has difficulties dealing with people who are very slow and focused. Due to their dynamism and impatience, they can act impulsively, trampling planning and analysis.

What are the benefits of behavioral management for HR consultants?

There are numerous benefits of behavioral management for HR consultants, because this type of approach facilitates the processes carried out for the organization, ensuring tangible results. Check out some of the advantages of investing in this strategy.

More efficient selection processes

One of the processes that benefits most from behavioral management is recruitment and selection . Since, based on the profiles, it is possible to get to know the candidates better before joining the team.

In addition, the consultant is able to carry out an analysis of the team and see which soft skills and abilities are complementary and should be sought to fill open vacancies.

Building high performance teams

All behavioral profiles are important for the good results of a company and, taking advantage of the best talents in each profile, it is possible to build a high-performance team, seeking professionals according to the organization’s needs, starting with the selection process.

In this way, the consultant is able to assess which professionals are best suited for each position, in addition to understanding the points that must be developed in each individual so that teams can function more productively.

performance management and evaluation

Through behavioral management, it is possible to carry out constant performance analysis and reports , monitoring the results of the entire team. Based on this, and considering the behavioral profiles, it is possible to analyze the possible failures in a more strategic way, promoting constant improvement.

Improvement in organizational climate

A good organizational climate is crucial to ensure the motivation and productivity of employees. Thus, performing a good behavioral management, the HR consultant is able to use the points of each employee as a tool for improvement, creating a more collaborative environment, with a team that works together to solve problems .

How can the consultant implement behavioral management?

So far, you have already understood what behavioral management is and how it can help the HR consultant. But after all, how is it possible to put this model into practice? Here are some steps that can help.

Map current teams

The first step the consultant must take is to understand the current scenario of the organization. For this, it is important to map the behavioral profile of the teams and understand which characteristics predominate in each one. The idea is to understand, in general, how employees interact with each other.

Align the desired profile

Now that you know which profiles are predominant in each team, you need to align with expectations. Therefore, understand how the construction of each team should be and what characteristics are necessary so that, combined with the existing profiles, make the team more productive and efficient.

Use behavioral mapping tools

For behavioral management to be carried out efficiently, it is essential to have mapping tools. This type of system allows individuals to be analyzed quickly, practically and safely , generating an important database for the consultant to be able to act strategically.

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