What is Attention to Diversity/meaning/concept

The concept of attention to diversity is part of the specialized vocabulary of education .

In recent years, pedagogues, teachers and education specialists have been able to observe a very common fact in classrooms scattered around: each school group is made up of students who are very different from each other. This plurality in the students makes it not convenient to use the same teaching methodology for everyone.

It is necessary to create a method that can approach the teaching and learning process taking into account the plurality among students. Thus, this method is presented as attention to diversity.

The main idea of ​​this educational methodology is to teach the student taking into account their personal peculiarities and differences

In a class there may be students with some physical or sensory disability, as well as immigrants, dyslexics, those with attention deficits, etc. There is no homogeneous profile in the school reality , therefore, it is necessary to have a strategy to face this situation. And this strategy that is proposed is precisely the attention to diversity.

School centers, educational authorities and the group of teachers put in place a series of measures and procedures to assist each student according to their personal circumstances. The purpose is that no student is excluded for any aspect or circumstance that might discriminate against him. From an educational point of view, this focus seeks the full inclusion of all students in the school system .

Inclusion as a goal always

In general terms, there is an agreement when it comes to positively evaluating attention to diversity. What is sought is to correct social exclusion indices , reduce school failure and, above all, be respectful of the particular aspects that affect children in their school phase. However, some consider that attention to diversity has some drawbacks.

The most common criticism refers to the fact that the majority profile of the students is partially not met because a minority must be met. Another criticism is the idea that children need to share their school life among everyone and in the same way and not a disabled student sharing space only with disabled students, just as immigrants share space only with other immigrants and so on.

What is indisputable is the plurality of students in most countries

As we live in a globalized world, it is logical that this manifests itself in the reality of a school center. Attention to diversity follows an educational system that takes into account the following: although not everyone is equal, everyone has the same rights.

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