What is Bermuda Triangle definition/concept

In the Caribbean Sea, there is an area of ​​800 thousand square kilometers known internationally as the Bermuda Triangle.. For over 70 years, in this place, there has been an inexplicable disappearance of ships and planes.

It is called the Bermuda Triangle because the area where ships and planes disappeared formed a triangle with the following vertices: Miami, Bermuda Islands and Puerto Rico Island.

The first phenomenon occurred in December 1945 when a squadron of five US Army aircraft lost its radio link and disappeared without a trace. It is estimated that 75 aircraft and more than 100 ships have disappeared over time. Bermuda Triangle

There are all kinds of theories that try to unravel this puzzle

Some meteorologists from North American universities claim that in the Triangle area there are hexagonal clouds that cause strange combustion of air. This phenomenon triggers cyclones that destroy planes and giant waves that end up sinking ships.

According to the  theory of vile vortices, the Triangle area contains strange magnetic forces that cause serious mechanical damage to planes and ships. Bermuda Triangle

Some researchers believe that within this triangular area there may be a space-time alteration and consequently causing strange disappearances.

According to the  theory of electronic fog, the instruments of air and sea navigation cease to function due to the effect of a thick fog that causes accidents.

In marine sediments there are methane hydrates that rise to the surface generating a gas explosion that affects aircraft and vessel engines.

Other puzzles to solve

Scientific and technological advances make it possible to explain all kinds of natural phenomena as well as the most remote historical episodes. Despite this, some puzzles remain without an explanation: Bermuda Triangle

1) the content of the Voynich manuscript is unknown as well as who wrote it;

2) it is not known if Atlantis really existed or if it is simply a literary fiction;

3) no one knows where the tombs of Genghis Khan and Alexander the Great  are;

4) there is no certainty as to who the Man in the Iron Mask was and why he remained in prison;

5) it is not reliably known whether the biblical account of Noah’s Ark corresponds to a historical episode or simply an allegory .

The events mentioned are a small sample of the many mysteries that still need to be solved. Bermuda Triangle

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