What is Cactaceae/meaning/concept

In the plant world, the cactus family is known as Cactaceae and is made up of more than 2,500 different species. These plants live in normally arid places and can withstand prolonged periods of drought. Cactaceae

The cactus stem is divided into two parts: a green outer ring called the cortex and a white inner ring called the xylem. In both structures, cacti concentrate starch, water and nutrients to stay alive.

Why do they have thorns?

Like any living thing, plants need to adapt to their natural environment to ensure their survival. Cacti live in hot, dry areas and have a hard structure to prevent the water inside them from escaping. They have their characteristic spines to prevent the loss of water vapor and, on the other hand, to protect themselves from thirsty animals that seek water. Cactaceae

Advice for your care

Its resistance to heat obeys its ability to store water in its leaves and stems. The cactuses are brightly colored and for this reason are ideal for decorating gardens and terraces.

In relation to its flowering, one should take into account that not all varieties bloom also, as only a few open their petals at certain times of the day. It is advisable to periodically use a fertilizer with a high potassium content. Flowering is very slow and sometimes it can take several years for the first flower to appear. Cactaceae

During the winter period it is recommended to remove the plant from the cold and place it in a place where it can receive sunlight. During this phase the cacti rest and for this reason watering should be limited, for example, twice a month.

In spring and summer the plant should remain moist, but always avoiding excess water. In autumn it just needs care, as it has already stored enough water during the previous months. Cactaceae

Its symbolic and cultural dimension

In oriental culture it represents success, especially in the work environment . It also represents the ideas of inner strength and some people believe that it brings good luck and serves to attract love.

In the world of tattoos, cacti symbolize the ideas of protection and resistance. Those who tattoo the cactus usually communicate the ability to adapt to any hostile environment.

This plant is ideal as a gift for those who do not have much time for its care. Cacti absorb the magnetic fields emitted by household appliances and transform the negative energy of appliances into positive energy. Cactaceae

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