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The word cognitive comes from the Latin cognoscere and means to know. The cognitive is everything that is part of the knowledge process . We are rational animals and our rationality is based on the ability to solve problems, memorize, speak and project ideas. And all variants of our rationality are cognitive processes.

cognitive therapy in the field of psychology

When a person feels discouraged they can go to a psychologist or use some form of therapy to help overcome this discomfort. Basically, there are three types of therapy: psychoanalytical, behavioral and cognitive. The first is based on Freud’s principles (the role of unconsciousness, sexuality, childhood, instinct , etc.). Behavior therapy tries to solve psychological problems by modifying unwanted behavior (if a person has a phobia of doves, the therapist applies various strategies until this phobia disappears). Cognitive therapy is based on the idea that human thinking is capable of controlling emotions. For this reason, psychologyit is considered rational in the sense that reason can guide feelings .

Cognitive Psychology Principles and Strategies

If human beings are characterized by their rationality, this means that an individual who wants to solve a psychological problem has to resort to a type of therapy in which thinking is the main tool to feel better or overcome a situation of anxiety.

In antiquity, some philosophers had the idea of ​​knowing yourself in order to achieve happiness (the Socratic proposal of “know thyself” is a clear example).

Certain acts are unavoidable like some accidents. Faced with an action with these characteristics accompanied by a painful feeling, it is possible to adopt different psychological responses. The cognitive approach proposes to perform a correct interpretation of facts. Understanding what has happened does not prevent the problem, but it can help to overcome it. On the other hand, if a sad event is valued as a punishment, it is very likely that this feeling produced is destructive and lasts for a long time.

Cognitive therapy helps the patient to recognize what is happening and why. From the understanding of an unpleasant and painful situation, it makes sense to put into practice a resolution strategy. For this reason, some therapists combine cognitive procedures with others of the behavioral type. This assumes that one must first know a problem from rational analysis and then change the unwanted or harmful behavior.

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