What is Employee Net Promoter Score/How it works/advantages

A recent study by Right Management revealed that motivated professionals are 50% more productive. The survey heard 30 thousand people from 15 countries, 10 thousand of which are Brazilian. Of course, such information is not new to the good HR professional. Employee Net Promoter Score

But do you know how to measure the satisfaction of your employees and how to use this data to manage your talents? Understand that, in this scenario, using ENPS data can be an effective tool in this measurement.

The ENPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) is a metric that reveals whether employees see the company as a good place to work and how loyal employees are to it. 

Do you want to understand better about ENPS and how it can be your ally in understanding the level of employee satisfaction with the company? Keep reading this content until the end and understand everything about the subject!

What is ENPS and how does it work?

It is a metric that, in fact, is nothing more than an extension of the NPS (Net Promoter Score), widely used in the Marketing strategies of most organizations to measure consumer satisfaction, considering the following question: 

“On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend our company to others?”

Thinking of the organizational environment, the HR adapted this metric to its processes personnel management , performing the same question, but to reviewers. The objective is to quantify the employee experience , that is, the quality of the employee’s experience in front of the company. Employee Net Promoter Score

By using ENPS, the company has the chance to identify whether its culture is in line with the profile of its employees or whether the environment and organizational climate are healthy, for example. 

What are the advantages of using ENPS to measure employee satisfaction?

With the ENPS data in hand, it is possible to correct management errors and make more accurate decisions regarding the company’s human capital using People First strategies . Therefore, actions that put people first in the organization.

Furthermore, this metric helps managers and leaders to understand if employees see the company as a place that provides development and growth for their personal and professional lives and, of course, if they are brand promoters, recommending the company to friends and family.

Thus, the company also works with employer branding actions , which are nothing more than actions and strategies that make the company an employer brand in the market. You know when on LinkedIn you find testimonials from employees or articles in the company’s feed commenting on the product or organizational environment? 

So, the employee himself is there showing his pride in being part of the organization, attracting the eyes of the best talents to his business. Now, we don’t waste any more time, let’s understand the application of ENPS in practice!

How to classify collaborators within the methodology?

Before applying the ENPS survey, it is important to understand what each answer will say about the employee’s level of satisfaction. See how it works!

Scale from 9 to 10 – Promoters

This is the portion of employees who are more motivated and engaged with the company, that is, who are satisfied with the environment, culture and organizational climate. Therefore, they are always willing to recommend the company as an excellent environment to work and develop, being true poster boys for the brand. Employee Net Promoter Score

Scale from 7 to 8 – Neutrals

This group of employees is not fully engaged and motivated with the company they work for. The reasons can be several, such as a position incompatible with the behavioral profile, remuneration disproportionate to the market, lack of cultural fit with the company, among others. 

In view of these employees, it is important that HR, together with managers and leaders, identify the problems that have occurred and work on actions and stimuli to motivate them. In this sense, one of the tools that can be allied by management at this time is the mapping of the behavioral profile and the People Analytics methodology.

Scale from 0 to 6 – Detractors

This is the group of collaborators that deserves immediate attention. This is because this is the portion of employees who are dissatisfied with the company and can still contaminate other colleagues with their dissatisfaction. In addition, they are professionals who tend to complain about the organization to friends and family.

Therefore, to reverse this scenario, it is first necessary to have feedback from these employees and understand if the company can adopt measures so that these professionals feel more motivated and engaged in being part of the team. Oftentimes, the employee simply does not identify with the company’s culture, and sometimes it is better to follow other paths. 

But it is important that, before that happens, the company is aware that it has done everything possible for it to remain. 

How to implement the ENPS methodology?

Like all existing metrics, it is necessary to know how to use it so that it can actually serve as a management strategy. Therefore, we will now explain how to apply ENPS to absorb its maximum value, increasing employee satisfaction. Check out!

Make employees aware of its importance

The first step for the methodology to work is to make employees aware of how important it is for them to participate in the survey and how the results only tend to bring benefits to the team and the business. Employee Net Promoter Score

Also, make it clear that the answers are confidential and that in no way is the purpose of embarrassing or reprimanding any opinion.

make a plan

Afterwards, define the actual measurement objectives, as well as what software to use and what actions and strategies will be adopted to contribute to bringing improvements to the organizational climate and environment . 

See now an example of a script that you can adapt according to your company’s needs:

  • What is the main purpose of applying ENPS: Measuring overall engagement ? Assess whether the company’s culture is aligned with employees? Assess the quality of leadership?
  • Which application method to use: Physical form? Online quiz? People management software?
  • Who will be responsible for preparing, applying and evaluating the ENPS: HR, managers and/or leaders?
  • How often will the ENPS be measured: biweekly, monthly, semiannual?
  • What actions and strategies will be adopted for each ENPS scenario?

ask objective questions

Understand that it is extremely important to prepare clear and effective questions . This is because, if the questions are not well developed, employees may feel confused and also think that the organization will misinterpret them. 

So try to be as direct as possible. Here are some suggestions that can help at this time:

  • On a scale of 0 to 10, how much would you recommend your leader as a good manager to work with? 
  • On a scale of 0-10, how highly would you recommend the company’s organizational environment as a good place to work? 
  • On a scale from 0 to 10, what is the probability that you will refer a friend to our selection process ? Employee Net Promoter Score

Also, try to design a questionnaire with as few questions as possible. Since long questionnaires can cause the employee to give up participating, often because they feel confused in the answers or even for lack of time.

analyze the results

Soon after collecting the ENPS survey data, it is necessary to analyze the results. For this purpose, the calculation must be performed as follows:


To better understand the calculation, consider the following situation, assuming you have obtained 100 ratings from contributors:

  • 70 promoters;
  • 20 detractors;
  • 10 neutrals.

When calculating the percentages for each group, you got 70%, 20% and 10% respectively. To conclude, subtract 20% (detractors) from 70% (promoters), the result will be 50%. Soon, the ENPS will be 50.

Thanks to the advancement in technology, there are software and tools that help managers to perform this measurement optimally and also help in other management strategies of people such as organizational climate survey and engagement survey . 

Thus, you, as an HR member, manager or leader, will be armed with solid data to make informed decisions regarding each employee, given their level of satisfaction with the company. 

Also, it is important to keep in mind that ENPS is a measurement that does not work alone . In fact, it should be accompanied by constructive feedback, training and development courses, moments of interaction between employees and leaders, among many other ways to strengthen the feeling of belonging to the team. Employee Net Promoter Score

After all, motivated and engaged employees are a company’s most precious asset . Since they are the ones who will help the business grow and keep it in an increasingly competitive market. Therefore, be sure to also read our e-book on how to reduce turnover in the company. 

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