What is European Union definition/concept

The term European Union refers to a common space for cooperation between countries in Europe. This cooperation is expressed by economic, social and legal measures. The countries that joined this union have a series of criteria established in 1993 that guarantee the development of a  market economy  in the context of the rule of law. It stood out in recent decades, but it was at the end of World War II, when Europe was devastated from an economic point of view, that it imposed itself with the need for cooperation to ease the difficulties.

Today, there are twenty-eight states that make up the European Union, with some in the process of integration . Thus, not all countries in Europe are integrated. It is worth noting that its overseas departments are also incorporated and, of course, the adhesion of new members implies a series of commitments and certain principles.

The fact of belonging to the European Union guarantees the citizens of these countries a series of benefits. Among them, the possibility to move freely and to work in any of them. In addition, there is a monetary union that involves the use of a specific currency: the Euro.

Each country lives independently despite having made a series of commitments. This means that any type of obligation does not have a predominance of one country over another. In fact, the European Union sees itself as the organizer of the  organization, but it respects the internal decisions of its members.

As already mentioned, this union manifested itself after World War II both in the devastated countries and in the winners due to economic losses and the sharp increase in prices. In addition, the resentments that arose had a great impact in subsequent years. That is why an awareness was created to solve common problems, given the enormous difficulties highlighted.

In recent years, the European Union has been going through a major crisis due to the indebtedness of some of its members, a circumstance that has led to negative growth for some time. This problem has led some countries to reduce public spending and eliminate social programs, a circumstance that has aggravated the situation in part.

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