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What is Pink October?

Pink October is an international movement to raise awareness about the fight against breast cancer . The aim of the campaign is to alert the population to the importance of early diagnosis of the disease.

The actions always take place in the tenth month of the year, with the involvement of the world population. During this period, companies and public and private institutions support and publicize the campaign.

The population also participates, often wearing clothes or a bow in the symbol color of the movement. But the female audience, target of Pink October, is not alone. Men also join, as a sign of affection and support.

What was the origin of the campaign

The fight against breast cancer started in the United States, with the promise of a loving sister. In 1980, Susan Komen was the victim of devastating breast cancer. His sister, Nancy, vowed that she would do everything possible to end the illness forever. 

Two years later, the pledge resulted in the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation , a nonprofit organization that funds innovative research, community health and prevention programs. 

The foundation has become the world’s largest NGO in the fight against the disease and has invested more than 2.9 billion dollars in more than 60 countries, applied in studies and other health actions.

Between 1989 and 2016, the foundation’s work helped reduce breast cancer deaths by 40% . But the actions will not stop until Nancy is able to fulfill her promise to her sister. 

After all, when did the pink ribbon, symbol of the campaign, appear? 

It was in the early 1990s, during the first Race for the Cure, held in New York, to raise funds. On the occasion, all participants of the event wore a pink bow at the chest. So, the race became annual. 

The Pink October movement was born in 1997, when other American cities took advantage of the movement generated by the marathon to raise awareness of more and more people. A few years later, the campaign reached other countries . 

How important is the campaign?

In addition to being the world landmark in the fight against breast cancer, Outubro Rosa promotes informative and knowledge actions for prevention. The media, for example, plays a fundamental role in the campaign. 

Furthermore, engaging in this fight contributes to reducing the lethality of the disease, since breast cancer is among the most common types of female illnesses. Thus, the massive participation of different sectors of society is beneficial to everyone. 

But what we are asking here is why would labor organizations stay out of this? And how can your company help with the campaign?

Why should companies join October Rose? 

In addition to recruiting and developing employees, the Human Resources sector is responsible for monitoring the well-being of workers and providing improvements through a well-established organizational culture . 

Therefore, promoting health awareness campaigns is part of the department’s routine. Furthermore, when the company adheres to movements such as Outubro Rosa, it is showing its concern and zeal for the health of its employees. 

In this case, we are talking about “collaborators” because, despite breast cancer in men being a rare event, Brazil registers some cases, including fatal ones. Therefore, companies must invest in awareness.

Ways to apply actions in the context of the pandemic and teleworking

With the coronavirus, companies had to adapt. Establishing remote work was the solution adopted in many of them. So, the question arises: how to apply actions related to Pink October during the pandemic? Here are some tips:

Pink October kit shipment

HR can develop a creative kit to send to female employees. Package may contain:

  • bookmark with tips on prevention;
  • t-shirt with the campaign symbol and the company’s brand;
  • informative booklet;
  • custom buttons and stickers;
  • pink mask.

Graphic kit elaboration

Another option that dispenses with the shipping service is to create graphic pieces and send them by e-mail . As a suggestion, there are wallpapers with the Pink October symbol, images for social networks and online informational materials, which can be shared. 

prevention agenda 

Awareness doesn’t just have to happen in October. As one of the campaign’s mottos is prevention, why not create an agenda to discuss the subject ?

To do so, set a fixed date in the month and promote videoconferences with employees, offer information, suggest constructive readings, encourage self-examination and regular consultations. 

Here, tools such as Google Calendar and Google Meet are great for this type of relationship and are not just for work meetings. Promote a space for conversation and self-care .

Promote an internal event

On a chosen date, this could be in October, move all collaborators for the cause. How about sharing messages and information about the campaign with an expert on the subject?

Experienced invite a speaker, such as a health professional, to chat virtually with your employees and explain about symptoms and care to be taken.

Publish on the subject

Also, actions on the company’s social networks give results and generate team engagement . In addition to reinforcing that the organization cares about its professionals. 

Donate to institutions

Another super important action that can happen independently in the workplace is donation.

The company can encourage employees to donate to institutions that fight breast cancer by promoting a double donation, where for every BRL 1.00 donated by someone on the team, the company donates an additional BRL 1.00.

Find out why companies should care about the health of their employees

The relationship between Outubro Rosa and HR is well established by the essence of both: caring for people . Therefore, it is essential to prioritize the well-being of professionals at all levels, in order to ensure a healthy and empathetic environment.

Otherwise, the employee’s mental health could be affected, especially during the pandemic . Therefore, HR has this fundamental role.

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