What is Professional Vocation/concept

The work itself is essential for a life project. As a general rule, all individuals have to work to survive. The work that a person plans to carry out during their study phase depends on many factors, one of the most important being: professional vocation . It consists of pursuing a professional activity in relation to your personal inclinations.

Most young people find themselves in a dilemma throughout their school term when they are asked what their profession will be in the future.

Faced with this dilemma, it is necessary to analyze a series of elements: personal capacity, the work activities most demanded by society and the situation in the labor market. A highly relevant element is determining what your professional vocation is, that is, knowing what stimulates you and having some exciting ingredient for some reason.

The passionate and emotional issue is the main element of the professional vocation. What truly eludes us may be unprofitable from an economic point of view or even of low social value . However, the true professional vocation is one that feels deeply and convinces when it comes to exercising a profession.

The professional vocation is not always awakened

In fact, there are people who do not attach importance to work, as they consider it a means to obtain money and cover their needs. On the contrary, there are other individuals who receive an “internal call” regarding their professional future.

What would be desirable would be that the vast majority could exercise a profession in line with their true vocation

This would be the ideal and perfect circumstance, but there are few individuals who manage to work in an activity that is passionate for them.

The idea of ​​a professional vocation is linked to people who present themselves as a role model. It is quite common for a teacher to be the inspiration for a student to fall in love with a particular subject. The family environment is another circumstance that interferes when making a decision about a professional vocation (in some families, the love for a job breathes in the daily atmosphere). There are cases where the vocation has a deep spiritual element (for example, missionaries working with the most needy).

In short, having a vocation means making a decision in relation to your work path, as inner satisfaction must be valued as the main factor when exercising a profession.

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