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What is the difference between England and the UK/comparison table

The United Kingdom consists of England, Scotland, Wales, the northeast of Ireland, and many small islands. Therefore, it could be said that the difference between the two is that England is part of the United Kingdom. What is the difference between England and the UK?

In the early 18th century, Scotland signed the Act of Union with England. As a result of this signing, the United Kingdom of Great Britain was created. Scotland is currently preparing to hold a referendum. That is, Scotland, is to decide if they want to become an independent nation and separate from the United Kingdom or remain part of it.

Comparison table What is the difference between England and the UK?

CurrencyPound sterling (£) GBPPound sterling (£) GBP
Time zoneGMT (UTC + 0), in summer (UTC +1)GMT (UTC + 0), in summer (UTC +1)
International calling code+44+44
Domain (Internet).uk What is the difference between England and the UK?.uk
governmentParliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy.It is also a parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy.
Official language (spoken and written)EnglishEnglish
Other languagesEnglish, Irish, Scottish, Gaelic.English, Irish, Scottish, Gaelic.
Which side are they driving on?LeftLeft
IntroductionEngland is a country that is part of the United Kingdom. Its inhabitants are more than 83% of the total population of the United Kingdom.

Its territory occupies two thirds of the south of the island of Great Britain. As for its geography, it borders the English Channel to the south, Scotland to the north.

To the west with Wales, to the northwest with the Irish Sea and to the southwest with the Celtic Sea.

As for the United Kingdom, this is a country made up of several countries. These countries are England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, as well as several small islands. What is the difference between England and the UK?
National anthemGod save the Queen.God save the Queen. 
Upper house of parliamentHouse of LordsHouse of Lords
Lower house of parliamentHouse of CommonsHouse of Commons
MonarchQueen isabel IIQueen isabel II What is the difference between England and the UK?
Alphabetization rate99%99%
Population50.7 million63.2 million
Largest cityLondonLondon
Most populous cityLondonLondon
Muslim population4.5%2.8%
Hindu population1.5%1.5% What is the difference between England and the UK?
Christian population59.5%59.5%
Life expectancy73.6 years80.1 years
Head of stateQueen isabel IIQueen isabel II
General political conditionsIt is a democratic nation with a parliamentary monarchy.As for the UK, it is a ‘nation of nations’. It is also a constitutional monarchy.
GDP$ 2.7 billion USD$ 2.8 billion
GDP per capita$ 38,000 dollars$ 41,159 dollars
Ruling constitutionN / AN / A
Patron saintSaint George and Saint Edmund the martyrN / A
Goverment’s headTheresa May (Prime Minister)Theresa May (Prime Minister)
armyThe British ArmyThe British Army
MarineThe Royal British NavyThe Royal British Navy
Air ForceThe Royal British Air ForceThe Royal British Air Force
Special ForcesUKSFUKSF
Intelligence agenciesMI6, Secret Intelligence ServiceMI6, Secret Intelligence Service
Space agencyUK space agencyUK space agency
FlagThe cross of St. George What is the difference between England and the UK?“Union Jack”
Human development Index.907 (15th place) VERY HIGH.907 (15th place) VERY HIGH
PresidentN / AN / A
Official nameEnglandThe United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Area50,346 mile 294,526 mile 2
Divorce rate9.8%29%
Metric systemInternationalInternational
Tallest buildingThe Shard Building (309 m)Similarly, the Shard building (309m) is the tallest in the UK.

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