What is Urbanization definition/concept

Urbanization is a word that comes from the Latin, urbe, which means city  . Therefore, from a general point of view, urbanization refers to the growth process of cities and their development. The idea of civilization is related to the concept of city. When the first cities appeared in the Neolithic period, more precisely in Mesopotamia, the human being took an important step towards creating a more prosperous and efficient way of life.

There is another use of this term and it refers to construction in an area originally rural and associated with the natural growth of urban centers. These are places that have a high-density population and a large number of inhabitants who need the creation of new areas, initially unpopulated and rural in nature. Creating an urbanization establishes the creation of large infrastructures such as water pipes, electricity , asphalt in the streets, parks and, definitely, a series of service areas so that the population can settle down normally. They are generally located on the outskirts of the city and form residential areas. your location it has a particularity: the relative proximity to the city center and a certain administrative, social and economic autonomy . In countries like Spain, living in an urbanization is synonymous with quality of life and is associated with the more privileged classes. Urbanization  

The formation of this type of infrastructure partially solves the demographic needs. At the same time, new sources of wealth are generated, not only by their constructions, but by the economic activity that creates new commercial possibilities or formation of polygons. Even so, not everything is an advantage in urbanizations. In fact, there are urban planners and sociologists who attach importance to some drawbacks: the loss of rural land and the disproportionate growth of cities.

All countries need a certain territorial order and maintain a balance between rural and urban areas. An example of urban maladjustment is the case of Mexico city, it has a metropolitan area that has not stopped growing in recent decades and therefore presents serious problems such as transport, environment and security . Another case that calls attention to urbanization, in the sense of expanding the city, takes place in China. This has traditionally been an agricultural country that, nowadays, forms new urban centers, which have unpredictable long-term consequences. Urbanization  

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