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Generation Y, also known as Millennials , is the generation of people who were born between the 80s and early 90s . They are also called the Millennium Generation or Internet Generation , due to the fact that they are the first to be born in a totally globalized world. Y generation definition

Generation Y is characterized by having experienced many technological advances, the growth of several countries, which ended up becoming world powers.

Generation Y kids grew up with what many of their parents didn’t, like cable TV, video games, computers, various types of games, and more. Because they have all this contact with technology, they ended up becoming known for being lazy, distracted, insubordinate and superficial people, for the most part.

Millennials are also known for having great ambition, and it is normal to find young people from this generation who change jobs frequently, because in their previous job they were not challenged and had no opportunity to grow professionally. Y generation definition

Companies, always interested in the type of public they want to reach, carry out several market researches to find out which product Generation Y is interested in, how they want to be served, what they are looking for, as it is a generally very demanding public. , always attuned to new technologies and new products.

Generation Y is an audience eager for innovations, they always want to have the most modern television, the smartphone of the moment, all the most technological products possible.

On the other hand, Generation Y is also known for being the most environmentally conscious generation , since their parents are not so concerned, they are very interested in leaving a good place for their children to live.

Characteristics of Generation Y ( Millennials )

  • They are constantly connected to the internet; Y generation definition
  • They look for immediate and easy information;
  • They always look for better professional opportunities, that’s why they change more jobs;
  • They value professional growth and seek new challenges;
  • They do what they like (work what they like);
  • Always looking for new technologies;
  • Concern for the environment;
  • Ambitious;
  • Globalized generation;
  • Accustomed to multitasking (doing many things at the same time);
  • More autonomous and individualistic from a professional point of view.

Generation X, Y and Z

Generation X, Y and Z are sociological concepts that characterize people who were born at different times.

Generation X consists of individuals who were born in the late 1960s to early 1980s ; Generation Y is made up of people born between the late 1970s and early 1990s ; Generation Z is represented by people born between the mid-1990s and 2010 .

Each generation is influenced by several factors that influence the culture of their time (such as technology, current economic development of the country in question, etc.) so they have different ways of living and thinking.

Generation Y and Generation Z people have many similar characteristics, such as a greater sense of anxiety, desire for immediacy and naturalness in the midst of new technologies, for example, making some individuals able to identify with both generations. Y generation definition

Generation Y in the job market

In the labor market and in the business context, there are often conflicts between elements that are from different generations, because they have very different ways of acting and thinking.

For example, if a generation X worker is hierarchically inferior to a generation Y worker, some problems may occur. While a Generation Y individual seeks to innovate, a Generation X individual prefers to maintain the existing balance and stability.

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